How Your Contact Center Decision Can Make Or Break Your Business

Communication with customers is essential for businesses regardless of the industry, the easier your customers can reach you the better service you can provide the more loyal customers you will have.

Customers look for the easiest way to contact a business and most people do not have the time to wait in line to speak to agents, for the customer, it is always the hesitation of whether to call or postpone it because it might take five minutes or up to an hour.

Therefore, most businesses are always on the look to see how they can improve their contact center, lately, businesses are moving toward cloud/omnichannel contact centers rather than the on-premises.

Cloud allows you to enhance your communication with your customers and their experience by providing a personalized experience tailored for each customer individually, moreover, it is available any time on any channel the customers choose.

Cloud can offer you security, stability, and remote management also it can be cost-efficient for the business and its employees where it provides them with all the information they need to provide a better service remotely.

Types of Contact Center

Inbound and Outbound Contact Centers

Inbound and outbound contact center is considered the traditional contact center, where agents receive calls from customers while outbound agents or sales representatives make outgoing calls to customers, or other businesses

the main objective is to respond to customer issues like customer service questions, inbound sales inquiries, order fulfillment, technical concerns, and general help desk matters all through voice. Although inbound centers are basic, the demand is still high where many businesses think of a traditional contact center and communicating with customers over the phone is still needed.

Inbound and outbound contact centers usually use Interactive Voice Response and Automated Outbound Dialer to increase productivity and efficiency in the workplace.

Multichannel Contact Centers

A multichannel contact center can provide the customer with a better experience that integrates multiple contact channels such as voice, text, social media, and the web, and makes them accessible via an Internet server.

The multichannel demand today is increasing as a business are expanding their communication pools of today’s customer communication preferences.

Omnichannel Contact Center

In an omnichannel center, everything is integrated and accessible anytime to agents to easily access all the information they need to give better customer service on any channel. The difference between omnichannel and multichannel is the omnichannel agents can work on all channels at once as they are more experienced and have full access, meanwhile, the multichannel agents only have access to their channel of communication.

Businesses are looking to win the satisfaction of their existing customers and bring new ones into the mix, therefore they would benefit enormously from the omnichannel contact center since they can serve on any channel anytime and anywhere.

The customers will have a better experience and satisfaction since they can choose the method of communication and the time.

Future of Contact Centers

It shows the Artificial Intelligence will be the new talk in the IT and contact center industry, although many businesses started to implement AI in their contact centers, it is not getting recognition yet. Talkdesk ResearchTM reveals 89% of customer experience professionals like customer service leaders, managers, and operational staff believe in the importance of using AI in contact centers, but only 14% of businesses consider themselves transformational with AI.

AI is based on machine learning, which means the software will learn about the customers and their preferences in each interaction and conversation and use it in the future to better the service.

AI will make the contact center Fast and convenient, enhances quality checks and performance, captures customer behavior patterns, and Helps determine the best action for clients. These actions can build the loyalty base as each customer will face helpful and efficient customer service using any platform.

Also, more companies will move toward cloud contact centers as it is easier to use from anywhere and anytime, therefore no one will be bounded to a place and since the pandemic more people preferring to work from home rather than the office. The cloud contact center is the perfect option for these employees as they will have secured access to all documents at any time they need them without being bound to their place.

infasme as Your Contact Center Partner

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