How 2020 Affected the Social Media in The Gulf Region.

The year 2020 saw a lot of changes in the social media world, and with the covid 19, the use of social media has doubled as most platforms saw an increase in popularity. For many people, social media has become an essential communication tool and a source of information.

Covid 19 changed how social media is used by the people and the bigger entities such as governments, organizations, and industries, where it gave a chance of creativity and dependency on social media specifically in the Gulf region as it is maximized the focus on how to utilize social media in every aspect.

Social media applications in the gulf region are used as a platform to express thoughts, create new trends and businesses, the source for news and articles and so much more, therefore, it is considered more as an essential activity than a leisure time activity.

This article is to give you a wrap-up of the current situation, 2020 social media, and how infasme can help you maximize your social media potential in 2021.

What is going on in the gulf for 2021

According to DataReportal website, since January 2021, KSA has the most social media users of 27.80 million in the gulf region and UAE is second where it has 9.84 million users, in third place comes Kuwait with 4.25 users and Oman with 4.14 million users in fourth place, Qatar comes in fifth place with 2.87 million and in sixth place in Bahrain with 1.50 million users.

Comparing KSA and UAE is interesting to see what the differences are in user's preferences in the same region, for example; KSA and UAE both prefer YouTube yet UAE prefer Facebook while KSA prefer Whats app.

2020 impact on social media

2020 was an interesting year for social media, users had more time and they mainly spent it online therefore the usage number increased as many took it as a chance to establish their new business whether to be an influencer, start a business or move their business online or use it as a communication tool since there was a lockdown.

According to the new media academy, “Social Media Users in MENA (the Middle East and North Africa) spend the most time on social networks, averaging over 3.5 hours per day. While Internet users in the MENA have an average of 8.4 social media accounts.”

The academy reports, social media have seen an incredible increase since most social media applications were used as the main method of communication between people so apps with video and audio calls were heavily used, Apps such as Zoom, Teams, Skype, Messenger had a high peak in 2020.

Social media also was used as a platform for organizations and governments during the lockdown of Covid- 19. For example, Whats App was used by multiple governments to address concerns related to COVID-19 and directly communicate with the public, Abu Dhabi’s health department launched an automated Chatbot allowing users to get answers to common questions about the virus.

Meanwhile, the Saudi Ministry of Health launched a coronavirus awareness campaign in collaboration with Snapchat and created digital content to spread awareness.

Instagram was used to spread Infographics and short videos to spread awareness and share rules meanwhile Facebook and YouTube were used for longer-form videos ad live streams.

Tiktok saw an increase in popularity in the Gulf region as we saw many governments used Tiktok to reach the young audience during the pandemic, meanwhile, snapchat users in UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait, spent 77 minutes a day on the app during the Holy Month of Ramadan according to the Academy.

What does it mean for digital marketing?

Marketing is always changing to follow the new trends since most businesses are using social media to either promote their products and services or moved to be a digital business where they use social media to generate leads and find clients.

Businesses in the Gulf region understand the importance of social media applications to reach their audience and increase communication and have real-time engagement with customers unlike traditional media which offers only one-way communication this offers more understanding for their target market and offers better customer services.

Brand awareness can be also maximized since social media has so many tools such as hashtags, collaborations with major influencers, and staying active on social media by sharing posts every day which was the main target for many businesses so we saw an increase in collaborations and more post sharing in creative video and photo on every social media platform.

Many businesses from different industries chose social media to simply cut costs and expenses where they can promote the business instead of using a second party, according to the New Media Academy Lockdowns encouraged some small businesses to digitize. A survey, Saudi Arabia and UAE reported a 25% increase in digital sales, as more small businesses used social to promote goods and services.

How can infasme help you maximize digital efforts?

Infasme is a digital marketing company, we are on top of the game in social media and online marketing.

We believe digital marketing and advertising are becoming the essence of sales in the digital era. Your business’s digital presence can make or break it in today’s world and infasme offers you audience-tailored digital services.

Social media can seem easy to manage but infasme will help you start up your social media presence and work closely with your team on social media research and analytics to understand the target segment properties and identify market gaps leading to the creation of a fully integrated social media strategy.

In infasme we focus on content creation that matches your business and meets your and your customer’s expectations from video production to photo captions.

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