5 Tricks for Efficiently Working from The Comfort of Your Home

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

Working from home might be a dream come true to a lot of people. It’s just what you thought you needed for a more focused and productive version of you, right? Well, that is until your spouse, kids, or other family members decide to interrupt you. Only then you start questioning whether this is the productive situation you thought about when you longed to work from the comfort of your home.

For many modern professionals, working from home is a luxury that their companies may or may not be able to afford. But first things first; can we even attempt to create an ideal working from home situation, or is that a farfetched dream for most of us?! Well, we are here with some much-needed tips to ease your doubts and give you some peace of mind regarding your work from home situation, so read on.

1. Keep regular and consistent work hours: It’s beyond easy to let time pass by doing nothing when we are at home all day. However, if you are committed to working from home, discipline and time management ought to be your best friends. Ideally, you should aim at sticking to your regular work hours, as if you’re working from your desk at the company office. Make sure to follow the same routine of a normal otherwise working day; set an alarm, wake up, consume your meals on time and just do most work-related tasks like you’re on office premises. This will enable you to keep the mental association between office and work and aid you in being more productive. That being said, if you found yourself more productive working at slightly different times than your regular office hours, that shouldn’t be a problem, provided you commit yourself to the same number of working hours needed.

2. Don’t mix home time with work time: No matter how tempting it may seem, do not mix work time with home time. Self-motivation is the key here. Prepare to isolate yourself somewhere comfortable and avoid any kind of distractions. Keep a designated workspace in your bedroom, if possible, to fight the urge to work from your bed. Also, inform everyone at your home that you have specific hours set for only work so that you have your undivided attention for work tasks during that time.

3. Plan your workflow: Set work-priorities and divide your work tasks over the day depending upon the time each task at hand takes. Also, keep in mind that you will probably be more productive during your early work hours than later in the day. That’s why you should set these early hours for completing your most important tasks, while other less urgent tasks can follow.

4. Save calls for the later part of your workday: Spend your morning hours cracking through the most important work tasks you have with no distractions. This will enable you to be more focused and eventually get done faster. You can save all the meetings, calls and interactions with others, which usually consume up your time and energy, for later in the day.

5. Breaks: Make it a point to take your breaks. It’s easy to get distracted when you are concentrating on too many things simultaneously. So, try to focus on each task at hand separately and take breaks in between to avoid feeling saturated. Moreover, instead of switching to social media or mindlessly browsing the internet, make your breaks meaningful by engaging in some kind of human interaction with your family members to relax a bit.

Following these simple techniques will not only grant you control over yourself and help you be more disciplined towards work, but it will also allow you to get the best of both worlds combining work with the comfort from your own house.

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