Chatbots: The New Humanized Digital Experience.

A chatbot is a software that automates conversations to interact with people through messaging platforms such as email, direct messages, SMS, and social media application chats. Chatbot can stimulate a whole conversation as humans would making the interaction between the Chatbot and the other party easy, helpful and natural.

In 2021 there is an expectation that chatbots will be on the rise as more businesses are noticing the value of chatbots. Most businesses started moving toward the online platform in the last couple of years and the COVID-19 pandemic encouraged a lot to move forward and create an online entity to eliminate extra costs and expenses. Chatbots are used across different industries like medicine, travel and tourism, banking, and many more.

The growth of online and e-commerce businesses and online purchases made the chatbot the perfect solution to interact with customers and mimic real-life interactions instead of calling or emailing and not getting an interactive response that would not satisfy the customer expectations of the business.

Chatbots can give the customer a proper interaction while minding the flow of the conversation and their needs by understanding keywords that can help to direct the customer to the right path of their needed services.

Types Of Chatbots

Rule-based chatbots, which is the most straightforward type, these bots simply provide a pre-defined answer to very specific questions, this type will offer the customers an interactive conversation based on questions and answers.

Intelligent chatbots, these chatbots use machine learning to learn from the user’s requests and information by collecting information in each interaction to reach a point where the chatbot will understand the customer and deliver better answers and services.

AI-powered chatbots, these chatbots use a combination of natural language processing, machine learning, and AI to understand customers creating a natural language that can make the chatbot seems more human.

Why Choose Chatbots

  • Better customer services, services will be available 24/7 and each interaction with the customer will provide better information for the chatbot and the customers. The customers will not be waiting for hours in the line or stuck in a chat to get their needed information.

  • Increase sales, chatbots will smartly introduce customers to new products and services from your company and can also boost sales because of their 24/7 availability and fast responses.

  • Save money, chatbots will save costs and expenses as it will replace human customer service and rely on automated services and it can be considered a long-term investment, yet the only cost that goes with Chatbots is the maintenance and update cost that can be expensive.

  • Increase customer satisfaction, with the human and automated services, the customers will find what they are looking for which is fast, easy, and helpful services. This will help with increasing the number of customers and build a loyal customer base that will increase the demand for the service.

Chatbots have many advantages and disadvantages like maintenance. However, with the new world we live in and the constant relying on technology chatbot is the best solution for businesses as it will help to take the customer experience to the next level.

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