3 Reasons Why Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning Are Good For Marketing Agencies.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a technology that create intelligent systems simulating human intelligence, while Machine Learning (ML) is a subfield of artificial intelligence that enables machines to learn from past data and experiences.

Within two decades, AI and ML have significantly transformed fields such as biology, education, engineering, finance, and healthcare including the marketing and customer service field. The Interactions between firms and consumers are increasing and the individualized experiences online are getting better and easier to understand.

The whole purpose of designing AI and ML is to mimic the human interactions and understand how to convert computers to a machine that understand humans more and improve the online experience by using an algorithm to collect data and information from each interaction and use it to understand each keyword and what it means.

AI and ML in marketing

Each company wants to achieve the maximum goal of increasing the customer base through meeting the customer's expectations for the services.

AI and Machine Learning are helping the marketing & advertising technologies by focusing on voice, chat, digital assistants, and mobile tech & apps and improve them to maximize the ability to connect.

The process of humanizing the connection with the customers starts with collecting data from each conversation made, main keywords and questions can eventually direct customers to their needed answers and demands, at the end of the conversation the customers will be satisfied for not speaking with a “machine” and have a feeling of trust toward the business.

Uses of AI and ML

  • Content creating

  • Conversational AI and Chatbots

  • Audience segmentation

  • Predictive analyzing

  • Personalized experience

  • Paid, personalized, and targeted ads

Benefits of AI and ML

  • Personalized service, AI and ML learn more about the customers with each interaction, chatbots for example can humanly interact with customers and meet their expectations for a good service every time while being connected 24 hours. It can generate better data quality, ease the omnichannel integration and target the right customers to have a full functioning business online.

  • Generate business, marketing depends heavily on sales and generating customers for the business, marketers can streamline campaigns by using machine learning algorithm to focus on those customers that are most likely to be affected without wasting effort and resources on less likely candidates, in that order, more ads will appear on the targeted audience social media, emails, and internet pages and more clicks will be generated to the website.

  • Reduce expenses, the only expenses require will be maintenance expenses since AI and ML can replace actual humans to do the basic and automated tasks such as communicating with customers on different platforms, follow the target audience and use algorithms to reach them, and analyze the business by following a pattern.

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