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National Technology is a leading LIMS market player with a customer base of more than 230 customers, including the biggest entities in the private and public health sector in Egypt, also operating in other countries in MENA region and Africa (KSA, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Iraq, Sudan and Nigeria).

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Laboratory Data Manager LDM

Laboratory Data Manager “LDM” is a fully featured & robust laboratory information system (LIS) covering all functional areas of the multi-specialty medical laboratory.

LDM helps you provide better patient care, increase patients’ safety, increase overall efficiency, reduce operating costs, and increase profitability.


Blood Bank Manager (BBM)

  • Blood Bank Manager “BBM” automates the workflow of the blood bank’s processes simultaneously in multiple locations, while ensuring highest safety to patients.

  • Compliant with AABB and WHO standards.

  • BBM uses the ISBT codes and master-data to be the system you can fully trust with your business.


LDM Mobile Application (LDM APP) 

  • LDM Mobile application is the modern way to build a close relationship with your patients and doctors, with the help of an enhanced notification system, they are notified as soon as results are released – critical, abnormal or all – with the option of online viewing, downloading, or sharing with others.

  • Patients can reach lab services easier and faster through Intelligent App Services.

  • Laboratories can send specific messages to specific patients with personalized health tips, reminders and greetings, new publications, and news.


Pathology Management System (PMS) 

Pathology Management System “PMS” is designed to meet the specific requirements of Anatomic Pathology laboratories and Cytology testing. PMS covers anatomic pathology workflow and sample processing from tissue reception to reporting.


Material Management System (MMS) 

Material Management system “MMS” is a complete solution to control day-to-day supply chain operations. MMS tracks every item down to its individual units anywhere in the laboratory, and covers the complete material life cycle from initial receiving (check-in) to disposal.

To cover all the items, the system tracks them in areas, where traditional ERP/Stock systems cannot reach, such as: inside lab-analysis locations, fridges, on board of analyzers, and disposal bins.



LIS Solution Design

If you are planning to implement a new LIS, National Technology can assist in:

  • Requirements gathering

  • System Scope

  • System functional features

  • System architecture

LIS System Evaluation & HL7 Consultancy

  • Regardless of the LIS system you have, National Technology’sexpert team will evaluate your current system and prepare a comprehensive gap analysis report with your business and regulatory needs.

  • As HL7 Experts, National Technology can help customers build their HL7 knowledge and choose the best version to suit their integration needs

Customized Connectivity Solutions

Middleware design, development, and custom connectivity solutions to non-common devices.

LIS Implementation & Training

  • LDM LIS implementation and training services