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Papers can no longer hold such a big role in your business operations. The whole world is going digital, and you should join the move.

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Microsoft Content Services Gold Partner

Powered by Microsoft 365, Project Cortex, SharePoint, and SharePoint Syntex, we are a certified gold partner for Microsoft 365 Content Services  to support our partners delivering solutions that make the transformation of your content management approach practical and attainable.


Fotopia Content Management Software

If your organization is utilizing Microsoft SharePoint or Office 365, Fotopia is probably the single most feature-packed suite of applications your organization will ever need, to get control over its content.

• Smart capture, indexing and quality control for your physical and digital files.
• Search for and retrieve any content in seconds with smart metadata.
• View and edit your documents instantly.
• Seamless sharing and close cooperation.

Document Capturing

Real digitization starts with a perfect document capture process.

With the features infasme offers your business, document capturing becomes easy, simple, and affordable! Our document capture solutions allows you to control the quality of the entire capturing process and have it specially customized to your business needs.


Auto Classification

Auto classification will allow your system to automatic classify documents based on your own customized metadata.

Accurate document identification is essential. If documents are not accurately indexed they may never be found – it’s like filing a paper document in the wrong filing cabinet. We solved all that for you.


Enterprise Search

Create your own customizable search engine and add predetermined research-filters to easily discover and retrieve any content.

  • A Flexible Digital Document Search Application

  • Lead with A Superior Document Indexing and Search Software

  • Accurate, Reliable, and Easily Customizable Document Search and Discovery

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Document Viewing

Our solution is not just a document viewer software, it’s way more than that.

Packed with multiple features that are necessary for successful communication and collaboration amongst team members:

  • High-Speed Navigation Through Your ECM

  • Multiple Layer Annotation

  • Zonal Encryption and Redaction

  • Comments and Collaboration

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