Document Management

Managing, categorizing and digitizing your business documents.

Papers can no longer hold such a big role in your business operations. The whole world is going digital, and you should join the move. infasme provides you with all the services needed to make it an easy, smooth, and profitable transition. Our services range from simple on-premises documents scanning and archiving to handling everything related to your content management needs, from receiving, digitizing, indexing, storing, and retrieving all types of content. Make the decision to go digital with your business operations now to save time, reduce costs, and ensure a higher level of content security.

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Smart Document Capture

Document scanning and indexing are the necessary first steps in any organization’s digital transformation. Our batch scanning solution is the greatest ally that digital transformation can have. 
We define, control, and organize the document capturing operation throughout your entire organization – allowing users to configure appropriate settings group and a smart search engineto find your content instantly .

Accountant Records

SharePoint Services

Employing SharePoint allows you to manage content, improve business, and ensure ease of internal and external collaboration. You can enhance team productivity and use add-on web applications more efficiently from anywhere in the world.


Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) Solutions

infasme has the ability to create digital images from all your documents, from shipping tickets to 3X4 foot engineering drawings, whether they are black & white or color, single or double-sided. With professional staff and modern solutions, we are ready to meet your document management needs, on time and within budget. 

Application Design