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Chameleon: Web Dressing Framework

Chameleon is a simple platform which allows you to create your own customized website with a variety of templates for your pages. It is, in very simple words, a “Web Dressing”− a framework that enables your online portal to be responsive, usable, SEO friendly and attractive. Chameleon's out-of-the-box technology renders your site responsive to any device; wide screen, tablet and mobile, worriless of the browser used.

Chameleon dressing using latest standard HTML5 and CSS3, together with advanced libraries of jQuery, which makes it fit to any kind of existing or from-scratch portals, using any web technology. You can reorder your content on different devices and even reshape your layouts accordingly to display device.

All Chameleon skins are in compliance with the usability guidelines issued by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) and are extensively tested by our team to ensure smooth deployment and adaptability.

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